You could never understand,
The constant agony I feel;
Since in the light of day,
It doesn’t look genuine.

Of course, I’ll play, I’ll giggle,
I’ll sing a few melodies;
But when the pain is continually prowling,
Pretending to smile is no remedy.

When the night comes in me,
With its all-devouring force;
It gradually takes my spirit away,
Adding to my remorse.

People reveal to me that I’m strong,
They swear that I am getting better;
They tell me if I can simply wait,
“Holding on” is what actually matters.

They tell me, I can beat the blues,
All I need to do is fight;
In any case, what they appear to overlook,
Is after every day comes the dreadful night.

Thus, I act along,
I somehow pretend to play my part;
While this devastating night in me,
Is gradually tearing me apart.

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Sanjay Gadhalay
Sanjay Gadhalay
3 years ago

Nice .keep it up .join this group of poets with me on FB

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