It’s hard when you’re incessantly lying,
Hiding from others what you feel;
Losing your sight on genuine words,
And ignoring what is real.

It’s hard when you avoid smiling,
And you’re frightened that somebody may see;
Trusting nobody saw your face,
As you battle to recall how to breathe.

It’s difficult to fake your happiness,
And you’re scared that somebody may probe;
It’s turning out to be hard every moment,
As your mind fancying an excuse to elope.

You feel that your hands shiver,
Your heart beats like a drum;
Despite the fact that you can scarcely walk,
You battle the inclination to run.

Your throat feels like choking,
And your legs feel feeble;
You put yourself back into holding a breath,
While pretending a smile to people.

You weep as your world starts turning,
Your knees plunge right to the ground;
You realize that very moment,
You’re having another breakdown.

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Ismail Shaikh
Ismail Shaikh
3 years ago

Beautiful Moving Poem. Well done!

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