Can We?

Can we look at each other, without fear or resistance?
Can we reflect, admit and let go?
To unfold the vastness and abundance.
Creating an abode within us,
to meet truth, love and peace, in each moment.

Can we look into each other’s feelings, before yelling “Yes You”!
Without imposing the blame and guilt, of our hidden human wounds?

Can we pause and embrace our experience?
Without blaming, tagging or holding other’s responsible.
For what we feel, think, and for what we are not capable!

Can we grow acceptance and empathy within ourselves,
towards our own pain and suffering?
Be it anger, frustration, agony or whatever comes,
we embrace without labelling!

Can we not make others the sufferer of our own remorse?
Behind the cloak of illusion, can we trust our introrse?
Can we let the moment enlighten the gloomy corner of our eternal soul?
To discover, to love and accept, to transform into the perpetual “whole”!

Our compassion and faith are the remedies to heal our ailing self.
Accepting our vulnerabilities, our darkness!
Allowing to let it go is a feat of strength and oneness.

The novel cognizance takes life towards the flow.
To wash and mend, to bequeath and sow.
By changing our vision and shifting our vibrations;
we become the pristine manifestation, of creator and creations!

The eternal self, dance around the tune of a divine symphony.
A song from beyond, a song with no guilt or infamy.
The author, the verse, the audience, are all composed by the Hand of One.
Where love holds all the songs, where the truth is our freedom!

© Farah Naqvi, 2020

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Shiju H Pallithazheth
Shiju H Pallithazheth
3 years ago

How beautifully you have summed up all what keeps running in my mind. The ‘I’ factor superseding the ‘WE’ factor, are in fact, the gradual dug graves which a person may realise sooner or later. The ‘I’ factor is ideally a derivation from ‘WE’ factor. Without a surrounding, it’s experiences, knowledge and thought process, one can never develop and realise greater findings in life. There are many who keeps judging the very same surroundings and others, without realising the meagre fact that each time they do, they are as a matter of fact plucking out a layer of maturity within… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Shiju H Pallithazheth
Ashok Khanna
Ashok Khanna
3 years ago

Farah, this above is so well expressed by you…..” They pluck out a layer of maturity within themselves “

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