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Dr. Farah & her team provide comprehensive assistance for a wide range of business needs grounded in methodical and meticulous data driven analysis to improve workforce performance, promote talent development and help clients achieve their strategic goals.


The solutions are tailored as per specific organizational requirements to support the clients and to manage organizational and people related challenges.


Scroll below to see some of the HRD, OD and Psychometric Assessment Services offered by the team of experts.

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HRD & Consulting Services

Job Analysis and Job description

Completing accurate job analysis is an essential HR activity necessary for human capital management. Accurate job analysis is needed for recruiting the right person for a job, establish a just and competitive compensation, streamline work processes, training needs and thereby enhance employee productivity. Job documentation and ensuing job description can serve as a key driver for variety of HR functions like recruitment, performance planning, training need assessment, compensation, transfer, promotion, staff planning etc.


We can assist you in developing standard written job descriptions for existing and new roles, that is descriptive and flexible to changing needs of your organization and meet the legal compliance obligations.


Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a systematic process of determining the relative worth of various jobs within an organization.With expertise in internal quantitative methods like point factor, factor comparison, job ranking, job classification and external evaluation methods like market pricing we can assist you in an objective job evaluation .


Unbiased holistic evaluation of jobs will not only help you to attract and retain the best talent, give fair pay to your employees, maintain equity, place jobs in salary structure but also avoid duplication of tasks and aligning job function to your business strategy.

Performance Management System

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A well-developed performance management system can provide employees with progressive feedback guiding them on a suitable career path. Many companies are now dropping the traditional appraisal methods; owing to its heavy emphasis on rewards and punishments and it being perceived as a yearly expensive and time-consuming activity despised by both the appraiser and appraisee.


Companies are now rethinking appraisal methods that not just hold people accountable for past behavior but lays emphasis on current performance and talent development.


Driven by your business needs, integrated well with your organization culture and HR systems we can help you in designing and implementing a customized and robust PMS.

Training Need Assessment & Evaluation

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Our training module is developed to meet the needs of our client, while incorporating their culture, vision, and philosophies into the training. Need help with designing a training curriculum, content development, conducting a training need analysis or training evaluation, we can assist you. With the sole objective of employee development and organization success, training can be customized to offer classroom, online or blended learning.


With E-learning we can offer training with the added benefits of no logistical hassles or batch size requirements. Training interventions can be tailored to meet the learning needs of every individual employee. Online webinars, exercises’, assessments, case studies, with a dedicated learning coach can not only add human touch but enhance learning in a virtual environment.


Contact us for executive coaching focusing on individual, interpersonal and group dynamics either as a stand-alone intervention or blended with other group learning intervention. Personalized sessions as per client needs can provide professionals with a space to shed their insecurities, face their fears and take them on the next level.

Comprehensive Survey Service

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Timely survey on pertinent issues not only serve as a diagnostic tool but help the management take sound business decisions based on factual data.


We provide survey services in both online and paper format working closely with you from data collection stage to analysis and report. We either use standardized questionnaires / tools or we customize it using standard research procedures as per the company requirements. Some of the surveys centering around person, role and organization offered are as below:


  • Psychological needs and work preference schedule
  • Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation
  • Employee Stress
  • Work life balance
  • Employee Engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Role Efficacy
  • Leadership style
  • Conflict management style
  • Decision making style
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Organization Culture: OCTAPACE Profile
  • Exit interviews
  • Team Effectiveness Assessment
  • Learning Organization profile
  • Other HR surveys as per company’s request.

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is the process of identifying the specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and underlying characteristics related to superior job performance.


We can assist you in developing an effective competency model, doing competency assessment and align it with other HR functions. Competency mapping has found its uses in various functions of HRM and HRD like Selection, Performance Management, Career planning, Succession planning, Leadership development etc.


Using well established competency mapping approaches like critical incidents technique, behavioral interviewing, questionnaires and tests, we can help you in developing a model that translates abstract concepts to observable and measurable behavior.

Psychometric Assessments


Personality profiling and assessment using psychological tools.


Who am I, Incomplete Sentence Blank, Locus of Control, Cattell’s Sixteen Personality Factor Test, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Type A-Type B test, FIRO-B® (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior, Emotional intelligence Inventory (EQ) ,Neuro Linguistic Programming-Visual Auditory & Kinesthetic(VAK) Profile,Transactional Analysis (TA) Profile, Stroke Inventory to name a few. You can approach us for any specific individual and organizational issue, and we can assist you with the appropriate test implementation, diagnosis and feedback.

OD & Change Management Consulting

change management

We believe in working proactively and collaboratively for improving organizational effectiveness by uncovering the underlying causes of performance obstacles and strengthening the existing positive aspects in strategy, structure, people, process and culture.


We work alongside organizations to drive change through the lens of organizational culture, leadership development and people strategy using well established Organisation Development and Change Frameworks.

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Our Clients

Indian Aerospace & Defense

BSNL India

Indian Airlines

Bharat Electronics

Kotak Mahindra Bank

National Mineral Development Corporation

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Few Projects

Challenges faced by women managers working with Aerospace and Defence sectors in India

Indian airlines logo

Challenges in creating Work life balance for the women employees of Indian Airlines

Personality Assessment of the Managers by using Psychometric, Projective and Personality tests. Tests Used: MBTI, Ego states, Johari Window, Thematic Apperception Test, Who Am I, Rotter’s I.E., Rotter’s ISB, Cattle’s 16 PF, Non-verbal personality test and Type A -Type B personality test

‘Team Work in India’ in collaboration with Prof Tjosvold of Hong Kong University and Prof Deepti Bhatnagar (IIM-A)

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