I am Born again

In you,
I am born again,
New and free,
Away from pain
Fears and tears.
I cruise my boat,
In the sea of hope
Towards your soothing shores.

I know,
I am cruising to my end
In “You”.
The closer I approach,
The more grounded I feel.
I chant in quietness,
To pour the heaven’s paint,
On the canvas of
Our togetherness.

You can feel me,
Reaching you,
You can see me,
Disappearing in you,
With my endless soul,
In wholeness,
With all my vows and promises.

To meet you and be met
To cry and laugh
In your arms,
To sail till the end of time,
In your heart,
In your love.

I am born again….

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Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar
Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar

The first of all please accept my greeting on writing such a beautiful poem. I have read it and found its a flawless very clear in thought poem and thought itself is unique and highly impressive. I like this poem too much specially your style and approach towards outside reality is quite different from others. This has touched my heart. May Allah bless you and save from bad-eyes!

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