Accolade received from Gujrat Sahitya Academy (Govt. of India) for exemplary contribution in the field of writing

“The author of this book, Dr. Farah Naqvi has revealed her innate creative prowess in this book ‘The Light in Blackout’. This book is for any individual who is looking forward to reading an honest and simple story that touches the deepest chords of your heart. With this book Dr. Farah Naqvi is assured of the top place among the best writers of her generation. Alizah’s events in the book are so emotionally amazing that no part of her life is left untouched. People face different challenges in life and sometimes need the inspiration to keep them going.

The story of Alizah as narrated in ‘The Light in Blackout’ is a symbol of hope that every aspiring reader needs to go through” – The India Observer (USA)

“The artistic ability of the author is highlighted by the eloquent way in which she has painted the characters on the canvas of life, amidst the conflicts, climax and fast-moving plot with multiple twists and turns”. – Critix Magazine, The Asian Chronicle

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