Jhumki: A Poignant Story Of Unconditional Love Beyond Blood Ties


Has it ever happened with you that love came knocking at your door when you were least expecting it in its most colourful and vibrant shade leaving you in sheer bliss, but you had to let it go? Or, when you got busy admiring the rainbow hues absorbing the beauty of it, a storm snatched it all away. Unwilling to give up, you pursued life relentlessly. This time you planned for love and happiness meticulously keeping it in the most secure cabinet of your body while you waited to welcome it with bated breath. Lo! the cabinet lock is broken, and you are left alone again.

Do you have the right to give up now, lose hope and become a mental health case or will life give love and happiness another unprecedented chance? Read the story of Nimisha, Nitin, Pari and Jhumki embroiled with unconditional love, inevitable misfortunes, unexpected blessing and the unfolding of a divine decree or preordained fate.

Farah NaqviAbout the Author

Dr Farah Naqvi is an author, academician, trainer, behavioural scientist & researcher associated with MNCs and institutions in the field of academics, behavioural training, consulting and research. She forayed in the literature world in 2019 with her bestselling fiction novel ‘The light in Blackout’ and a novelette ‘Jhumki’ in the year 2020. The books garnered great reviews across the globe featuring in the top 25 Fiction bestsellers list on Amazon within a month of its release. Currently, she is located in Kuwait and rendering consulting services to MNCs and higher educational institution. She is also a regular columnist and contributor in different newspapers, magazines and online portals. She loves to express herself through her writing on varied themes.

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