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Years have gone by,
In the twinkling of an eye,
Moments of mourning,
And joy flew by.

People whom I loved,
Have changed over the years,
But life never ceased,
to write stories in tears.

Life was not that simple,
And the setbacks were there,
Packed with moments it mattered,
And the days I didn’t care.

I stood alone,
I made my ways,
With some tearful evenings,
And laughter-filled days.

And now with wisdom,
It became quite evident,
Things I considered relevant once,
Weren’t the reason of my existence.

The worries and doubts,
That plagued me every day,
Were like the fog in the dawn,
That meant to fade away.

What I’ve given,
To people in need,
Is the actual measure,
Of how much I succeed.

What’s really important in life,
Is what I think of ‘me’,
And whether I am able to become,
Own best version of what I can be.

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