She And That Blade Of Grass

blade of glass

That thin and slender blade of grass
Peeping between two mighty rocks
Standing tall making space for itself
It teased and mocked at her

As if ridiculing her existence
Making her feel rotten from inside
So she went ahead and crushed it mercilessly with her feet
Few days later, it shamelessly propped up again
Like her dreams!

Irritated to the core this time
She plucked it from its very root
And yes, that fragile yet robust grass
Died its death at last!

She smiled with victory and cried in empathy
Staring at the fallen, slain and deceased grass
Green and fresh yet lying crushed and dead
Like that girl in her who had become defunct and dead
Alive and kicking in a battle of duties and dreams
She had succeeded in her roles
And lost herself !

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