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Do you remember what you want to forget?

When a negative situation stays for too long, it can leave one overwhelmed in a way that the person seems to be addicted to negativity or develops a habit of ruminating. Even when an individual has made a conscious thought to not pay heed to it, it keeps coming back.

Why is it that we end up remembering what we want to forget?

Can we exercise influence on our memory to intentionally forget things that only serve to disturb us?

So, What’s your story?

Our stories are very much written unconsciously relying heavily on our younger years. However, it gets continuously updated, with more tangible characters, from messages, influences, and interactions with others. In current uncertain times, let’s reexamine constructively the narratives that pull us down and weave stories that take us forward as a person and society. Remember the stories we knit and rehearse, have the power to construct us, break us, reshape us, and define us.

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