The contest of creation!

Walking on bridges from ignorance to innocence.
Enduring pain, sorrows, heartbreaks on the way.
We record all experiences, feelings, reactions,
and one day all that is accumulated shred away.

Rising in the space,
mirroring the formless,
our life on earth is a mandatory illusion,
for evolution of consciousness.

Can We?

The eternal self, dance around the tune of a divine symphony.
A song from beyond, a song with no guilt or infamy.
The author, the verse, the audience, are all composed by the Hand of One.
Where love holds all the songs, where the truth is our freedom!

Karbala: A Guiding Light for Humanity and the Essence of Islam!

The event of Karbala is embedded with examples of most ideal human relationships and extreme brutality in the history of mankind. There is a reason people recreate the pain and wish to pass on the wisdom acquired from it to their coming generations; as it infuses one with humanitarian thinking, love for all, courage, will power, loyalty, patience, sacrifice, faith and victory of truth over falsehood. To conclude, Karbala is not just an event in history but a movement against terrorism, standing up against oppression and a way of life. Perhaps this is the reason that the love for Imam Hussain (a.s) is not confined to any single community but by all those who believe in humanity.

Quest to find one’s Mushin in times of COVID 19

Mushin is one of the principles of Zen. It is a state of mind where the mind is not subjugated by any thought or emotion. In Mushin, ‘Mu’ means ‘empty’.Thus Mushin refers to an ‘empty mind’ in the sense that disruptions, fixations, dreads, and worries, are nonexistent and are no more a concern for the mind in daily life. In other words, it refers to evacuating the mind from all distractions, preoccupations, and all other chains of thoughts.

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