The vulnerable self

Can We?

The eternal self, dance around the tune of a divine symphony.
A song from beyond, a song with no guilt or infamy.
The author, the verse, the audience, are all composed by the Hand of One.
Where love holds all the songs, where the truth is our freedom!

depression, mental health, sadness

A Psychoanalytic Approach to understand the ‘why’ of Suicide

Stress caused by experiences related to ‘self’ causing threat to self-regard, negative self-judgment, inability to embrace failure owing to a grandiose self-image coupled with worthlessness and hopelessness can also throw some light in answering the question ‘why suicide’. More so, in cases where it’s difficult to attribute a known cause to suicide. The need of the hour is to focus on developing coping mechanisms at the individual level and nurturing social structures that can support a person undergoing a tough or conflicting situation. The idea is to enable people to see the light instead of contemplating escape through suicide, leaving behind the haunting question’ why’.

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