The Lenses


I searched for the flawless pictures,
Looked through my world all around;
For that one moment I could state,
Is life’s essence all about.

My life was seen through lenses,
of the ignorance I worn with pride;
I thought it held my stories,
That I’d forever keep inside.

Now glancing back at pictures,
I can’t recall how I felt;
The sounds that the world made,
Or how the wet grasses smelt.

I don’t recall how the time was,
If it was happy or sad;
I have only a preview of a second,
That no one even had.

So, I removed my lenses,
And started using just eyes instead;
To click the snaps for my memories,
That I have made inside my head.

I believed my stories and memories,
Were means to build my moments last;
But we experience life much better,
When we don’t see it through glass.

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3 years ago

Amazing! Eyes never lie…

Aruna Naidu
Aruna Naidu
3 years ago

Its Amazing

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