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Dr. Farah Naqvi’s training program focuses on working on the set of all those managerial skills that addresses many of the skills and attributes regarded as necessary for managers of 2020. The motive is on helping the employees to identify, develop, and apply managerial competencies to themselves and others in organizational settings. The training programs cover a range of topics that explore the theoretical underpinnings of various skills that effective manager must have in organizations. These topics can be broadly categorized into four clusters: Intra-Personal issues, Interpersonal issues, Managerial Skills and Organizational Development


Dr. Farah’s training programs are based on the experiential learning cycle. This implies that to achieve change you will need to practice new behaviors and skills, receive feedback, and see the consequences of new ways of behaving, thereby, integrate new skills into your way of thinking and behaving. As you move through the training your concrete experience, reflection and strategies will widen and encompass your skill areas for integrated managerial performance. The training programs are delivered using interactive lectures, experiential exercises, case discussions, fun games and class projects for thorough understanding.

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Self Exploration & Growth

self reflection

Focus on you: self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-diagnosis. Use of personal action learning review to facilitate the learning process. Training Program will emphasise on taking self assessment using psychological exercises, psychometric tests enabling planning for personal development aimed at enhancing managerial effectiveness.

Personality Development


The training focuses on understanding the conglomeration of mechanisms, drives or dynamic parts that constitutes personality. Learn about other people's personality types to understand the most effective way to communicate with them, and how they function best. Training on administering psychometric and personality profiling through observing, recording and analysing behavioral data of employees. 

Defense Mechanisms


Training Program focuses on learning about the unconscious psychological strategies brought into play by various entities to cope with reality and to maintain self-image. Usage and implications in the organization context and practical application of personality in career guidance, managing employees and interpersonal relationships. Learn about the faulty defense mechanisms using games and role-plays.



This training program aims at facilitating the  deployment of the MBTI test to all staff, analyze results, hold meetings and interviews, and possibly conduct a needs assessment to identify the employee’s  key strengths, issues, dynamics and understanding of own and others personality styles, core needs and values. Also, this program will help the company to plan effective transition strategies to benefit participants throughout their careers and personal growth

Psychometric assessment: Myers and Briggs type indicator test (MBTI). Interpretation and application


firob assessment

This training program helps in providing individual assessment and implications of interaction styles of employees: in the areas of socializing, leadership and responsibilities. FIRO-B tool can help to tap into key areas such as problem solving, decision-making, and interpersonal relations.

Psychometric assessment: FIRO-B interpretation and application



Underlying principles of NLP, NLP communication model, language of senses, VAK coding, VAK assessment, usage and application for a manager, coach and in interpersonal relationships. Usage of NLP techniques to set clear goals and define realistic strategies, understand and reduce stress and conflict, improve customer relationship and enhancing sales.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI)– concepts and applications, working with emotional intelligence, developing EI for managerial effectiveness.

Psychometric assessment: Emotional Intelligence Inventory, Customized Video Presentation and Experiential Activities

Negotiation Skills

negotiation & conflict

We believe in working proactively and collaboratively for improving organizational effectiveness by uncovering the underlying causes of performance obstacles and strengthening the existing positive aspects in strategy, structure, people, process and culture.


We work alongside organizations to drive change through the lens of organizational culture, leadership development and people strategy using well established Organisation Development and Change Frameworks.

Leadership skills in 21st Century


Leadership framework and Leadership styles.

Contemporary approaches to leadership, choosing the right leadership approach for the situation. Systemic approach to leadership development: one that builds a motivated, loyal workforce capable of reaching new levels of productivity.

Group Decision Making

Decision making

Learning about group dynamics and decision making using simulation games and exercises to explore your decision making style. Using the ladder of inference for sustainable development in the context of system thinking, executive coaching, improving the cognitive and communicative styles.

Transactional Analysis


Cognitive-based transactional analysis training program, uses ego state identification to identify communication distortions and teach different functional options in the dynamics of communication. Enhancing the quality of work life (QWL) through complementary, crossed and duplex transactions. Life positions and the games people play. This training program uses combination of

Psychometric Assessments: exploring your TA Profile, Stroke Inventory and Role Plays, Telefilm etc

Stress Management


Understand the causes and effect of workplace stress. Enhance resiliency to meet challenges. Work under pressure with greater calmness and clarity of mind; dramatically reduce stress with clinically-proven breathing and relaxation techniques that can be done in a few moments. Stress management to enhance personal productivity. Psychometric assessment and feedback. Participants will also be trained to learn and practice Progressive Relaxation and Transcendental Meditation techniques.

Change Management


Understanding change. Change Cycle, Mapping the Organization Readiness for Change, Human Reaction to Change, ways to involve stakeholders to drive and communicate change, strategies to deal with change, moving right: putting together a plan.

Structuring high performance work arrangements and determining the organizational boundaries. The Change Management training will be inclusive of activities and discussion of companies that successfully initiated and implemented change.

Managers as Counselors


Application of counselling skills for organizational problem solving in line and staff roles. The counselling process: usage in work interviews, giving and receiving feedback, supervision, appraisals, dealing with poor performance and identification of training and personal development needs. Introduction to basic counseling techniques like Strengths based Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (ABC method), and Solution focused Therapy.

Labs in Counseling Psychology: Client Centered (Rogerian), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based workshop

Session Duration

Each of the training program theme mentioned above are elaborate and detailed subjects in itself. The duration of these training programs can be customized and are planned as per the needs of the clients.

Expected Outcome

The Experiential Approach used by the trainer in above training programs does depend upon the personal commitment of the learner to undertake this process. What the employees gain from attending the training will also depend on their willingness to reflect on their past experiences and explore inner thoughts and feelings. At all stages, the participants will be encouraged to take responsibility for, and direct the depth and pace of their learning. As participants engage in a number of activities, discussion, exercises, assessment and feedback they emerge better equipped to manage themselves, others and groups/teams of people within their workplace.

Training Programs for Clients

Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Effectiveness to Senior Officials of Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Afghanistan in the specialized management program for organizational excellence, gender budgeting, and gender mainstreaming.  

Role of emotions in relationship building in the specialized management program for organizational excellence for senior officers of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Afghanistan.

Emotional intelligence and leadership development to AGM’s—Oriental Bank of Commerce.  

Training on emotional intelligence to managers in the program “Developing Managerial Effectiveness” at Center for Organization Development.

“Job evaluation in the Armed Forces” for the Col.’s working in the tri-services of the defense at the College of Defense Management, Hyderabad.


“Behavioral Competencies” for Power Grid Corporation Ltd.

“Group dynamics and Decision making” for managers of Bharat Electronics Ltd.


“Stress Management” to officials at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (BSNL).


Organized yearly award function “V. Krishnamurthy Award for excellence” at COD Hyderabad honoring eminent personalities. Hosted the award ceremony conferred on Uday Kotak Vice-chairman and Managing director of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

NMDC logo

“Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills” for managers of National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.

bharat electronics logo

“Motivating Self and Others” for employees of Bharat Electronics Ltd.


Oversaw executive management program activities, by formulating leadership course module and collaborating outbound training sessions for middle level executive at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

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