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As a child I always wanted to do multiple things and at present, I find it very difficult to verbalize my profile within a given title. My work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience.

With a degree in HRD, I love working on themes and models assisting employees develop their personal and organizational skills. As a psychologist, I love observing, researching and interpreting the perceptual, cognitive, emotional and social processes and behavior. As an academician, some of my favorite subjects have been Organization Behavior, HRM, and Organization Development. My love for literature and philosophy with the innate desire to understand the world better through the experiences of others ignited the writer in me making me foray in writing fiction.

So here I am happily dabbling in my role as an academician, writer, researcher, behavioral scientist and HRD Consultant.

In my journey striving to be the best version of myself, as I continue to evolve, I invite you to be a part of it. Click on the links to read more about my work and stay tuned.

I hope you find your ‘ism’ in my virtual ‘prism’.



Reflective analysis of individual, state and society ‘mode of thinking’ in times of pandemic

The state of a country is largely influenced by the modes of thinking of leaders and collective thoughts that drives the established norms of society. This article is an attempt to reflect upon different ‘modes of thinking’ from the context of individuals, society and state as it can influence our response to a crisis like this pandemic and its outcome. It builds on the foundation of human ‘agency’, the power people have, to think and act and how these choices that may be influenced by our background, social structure, environment and other factors shape the society.

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Combating Corona Consciously!

COVID 19 like a wakeup call for putting hatred, prejudice, resentments aside and strive for building our societies on the foundation of kindness, compassion and equality; that celebrates and accepts differences with grace. It has increased our sensitivity to ephemera, the awareness of impermanence and brutally reminded us of the circle of life. Living in a transient world, is it not better to have lived, loved and laugh rather than hate, kill and perish?

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So, What’s your story?

Our stories are very much written unconsciously relying heavily on our younger years. However, it gets continuously updated, with more tangible characters, from messages, influences, and interactions with others. In current uncertain times, let’s reexamine constructively the narratives that pull us down and weave stories that take us forward as a person and society. Remember the stories we knit and rehearse, have the power to construct us, break us, reshape us, and define us.

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Recent Book Reviews

Book name: The God Child
Author: Nana Oforiatta Ayim
Publisher: Bloomsbury Circus 
Pages- 256

Book name: A Sense of Urgency
Author: John P. Kotter
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
Pages- 196

Book name: The New Art of the Leader
Author: William A. Cohen
Publisher: Viva books Pvt. Ltd.
Pages- 303

The Coaching Manager
By: James M. Hunt and Joseph R. Weintraub
Sage publications India Pvt Ltd.
Page: 302, Price: Rs.395.

Recent Poems



You could never understand,
The constant agony I feel;
Since in the light of day,
It doesn’t look genuine.

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The Lenses

My life was seen through lenses,
of the ignorance I worn with pride;
I thought it held my stories,
That I’d forever keep inside.

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A Phoenix From The Ash

The world said there is no splendour in me,
I am a glim, devoid of my flash;
So, I set my soul on the sacred fire,
To rise like a phoenix from the ash.

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